Protecting, promoting, and enhancing community health for everyone in Laramie County.

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Public Health Nursing

Find information on family planning, prenatal care, education for the postpartum/newborn period, and support for families of children with special health care needs.

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Environmental Health

Environmental Health programs focus on the realtionship between people and their environment and promote the health, well-being and safety of everyone in Laramie County!

Recent News

Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests this winter

December 19, 2022

You can now get four more free Covid-19 at-home test kits delivered to your door. You can order online via the federally run website COVIDTests.gov. Orders will be mailed by […]

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Tips to Prevent Tularemia

June 21, 2022

A human case of tularemia has been diagnosed in Morgan County, Colorado. Although it is not known to spread from person to person, it should be treated as soon as […]

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Tips to Prevent Hantavirus Infection

To help prevent hantavirus infection, Wyoming Department of Health officials are reminding Wyoming citizens to be mindful of rodent droppings as they clean garages, campers, cabins, hay stacks and barns […]

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