Presumptive Eligibility

Nurse writing on clipboard while talking with a pregnant woman

Are you waiting for your Medicaid benefits to be approved? Presumptive Eligibility (PE) is a Medicaid option designed to improve an applicant’s access to temporary Medicaid while their eligibility for full Medicaid benefits is being determined.

Eligibility factors for PE include:

  • Pregnant
  • Lawfully present in the US
  • Wyoming resident
  • Income at or below 154% of the Federal Poverty Level

If determined eligible for PE, you will received full Medicaid benefits (Pregnant Women are limited to outpatient services) through a Medicaid provider until a determination is made on your full Medicaid application, or the last day of the next month if a full Medicaid application is not received.

To determine your eligibility, please stop by Cheyenne Laramie County Public Health, or call 307.633.4000. No appointment needed; walk-ins welcome!