LT101 Assessment

Woman in wheel chair being assessed by nurse in home

Completed by a Public Health Nurse, an LT101 assessment is part of the qualification process for Medicaid nursing home, long-term care home- and community-based services, Medicaid waiver and assisted living facility Medicaid waiver programs.

Who needs an LT101 assessment?

Current and prospective nursing facility residents who are applying for Medicaid coverage. The assessment determines whether an individual meets, or continues to meet, the nursing facility level of care criteria for certain Medicaid programs, such as the Community Choices Waiver (CCW). The LT101 is also a required assessment for Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level II screenings.

What happens during an assessment?

During an LT101 assessment, a Public Health Nurse will use their best clinical judgement to determine the individual’s typical functioning. They’ll then document the rationale for their determination, taking into account potential day-to-day variations due to an individual’s health or ability fluctuations.

How to schedule an assessment

To schedule an LT101 Assessment with a Public Health Nurse, call 307.633.4000.