Wyoming Hand in Hand Program

Mother holding baby with nurse

Wyoming Hand in Hand is a FREE home-visiting program for expecting moms and newborns, with visits continuing all the way up to your child’s second birthday.

At each visit—which can be conducted at your home, in the community, at an office, and/or via Zoom—a Registered Nurse (RN) will complete assessments and developmental screenings. All RN visitors are fully vaccinated and wear a mask for your safety.

In addition, your RN will share helpful information about parenting and your child’s development, including:

  • Adapting to parenthood
  • Feeding
  • Managing baby’s sleep
  • Promoting bonding and attachment
  • Learning to communicate
  • Positive parenting techniques

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a variety of toys and activity items that help with developmental milestones!

Through this program, we hope to empower families to be successful at setting goals, navigating their child’s development, and working through the challenges that parenting often brings.

To register for Wyoming Hand In Hand click here or call the Maternal Child Health team at 307.633.4000.