Community Baby Shower 2021
February 22, 2022

SAVE THE DATE: Free event November 3rd from 10 AM – 12 Noon at the Cheyenne Kiwanis CommunityHouse The Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department is hosting a Community Baby Shower to […]

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Summer Food Safety
January 21, 2022

Keeping Summer Food Events and Barbecues Safe and Fun Serving up a Safe Summer Barbecue Summer is the prime time for patio picnics. Warmer weather conditions may be ideal for […]

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Food Safety of Jerky
January 21, 2022

Slightly Revised May 2000 When raw meat or poultry is dehydrated at home – either in a warm oven or a food dehydrator – to make jerky which will be […]

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Serving Ice From Machines
January 21, 2022

Serving Ice From Machines Since 1968, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has traced numerous outbreaks of illness to the use of contaminated ice. Although ice can become contaminated […]

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Cooking Food Safely
January 21, 2022

Why take the time to cook food to safe temperatures? Because that’s the only sure way to destroy harmful bacteria that could make you sick. The City County Health Department, […]

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Hantavirus Safety Precautions
January 21, 2022

The Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department recommends residents use caution and avoid Hantavirus when opening cabins, sheds or garages that have been closed all winter. In Wyoming, a small percentage of […]

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