Environmental Health February 2022 summary


February was an exciting month in Environmental Health as we finally were able to find a quality candidate to fill a position that had been vacant since October. Noah Cheshier joined our team on February 24.

Environmental Health also received notice on February 15, that we had been awarded three separate grants from the National Environmental Health Association totaling $90,000. The grant funding is to help offset the costs of meeting FDA Retail Food Safety Standards. EH has continuously participated in the FDA Retail Standards since 2007. The Retail Standards are an ongoing program that helps state and local food safety programs improve their programs.

Mosquito control work has already began for the 2022 season. Two Environmental Health staff attended the Wyoming Mosquito Management Association Education Conference during the last week of February. Conference information included best practices in Wyoming for reducing West Nile mosquitoes, new equipment and most importantly for our department future training and grant requirements. Environmental Health is also required to submit a report to the Wyoming DEQ each February letting them know what mosquito control products were discharged into the surface waters of the state during the previous mosquito control season. This is part of our WYPDES permit.

Preliminary Environmental Health budgets for FY 2023 were submitted as part of the overall department budget. Those budgets were reviewed and approved by the board. Budgets for the Emergency Insect Management Grant (EIMG) budget will be adjusted after grant announcements. The Wyoming Legislature introduced a new bill on Massage Establishments and Therapists this term, the bill did not receive consideration. There were no bills introduced this session limiting the department’s ability to reduce food borne illness, as has been the case in many of the previous sessions. A senate file did eliminate the Governors Food Safety Task Force.

The statistical report for Environmental Health is included below:

February 2022

EH February 2022 summary:


Well and septic inspections evaluated were twenty-two (22), a increase in loans of six (06) as compared to the same period in 2021.
Residential septic permits issued were eleven (11).
Commercial septic permits issued were zero (0).
Repair septic permits issued were one (1), the same amount as compared to the same period in 2021.
Septic inspections were seven (07), a decrease of twenty-three (23) as compared to the same period in 2021.


Plats, Subdivisions, Zone Changes and Variances Reviews:
Staff reviewed twelve (12) Cheyenne and Laramie County Site Plans.


Food Service Establishment Plan Reviews:

  • Cheyenne Jr League
  • The Human Bean
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Crumbl Cookies

Food Establishments – Opening/Closing:


  • Yerbellies BBQ – 2246 Mueller Rd
  • Tacos Dona Mari – 3400 S Greeley Hwy
  • Maria’s Home Daycare 2 – 704 W Prosser Rd
  • Alphabet Academy IV – 1600 E 19th St
  • Jessie’s – 1125 W 28th St


  • Ambitious Beginnings – 5321 Greybull Ave.
  • Eyes of the World Academy – 1600 E 19th St.
  • Maria’s Daycare 2 – 1612 Kopsa Ct.
  • Horse Creek Cattle Co – 2880 Horse Creek

******All closings were due to a change in ownership or voluntary closures ******

Food Service Inspections:

Food Service Regular Inspections: 46. Total inspections were 48.
Itinerant (temporary) food service permits issued 08. Issued for the year: 18.
Itinerant Inspections: 0.
Day Care Inspections: 9.
School Food Service Inspections: 8.
Bed & Breakfast Inspections: 0.


Staff investigated one (1) communicable disease reported case.


No swimming pools, spas, or similar installations were inspected in February.


No campground facilities were inspected in the month of February.


Staff inspected two (2) body art establishments & two (2) massage establishments for the month of February. One (1) new massage therapist & no new body artists were licensed in the month of February.


  • Roy Kroeger attended: Staff (2), Budget Meeting, Leadership Meeting (4), Covid Elected Official, FDS-RFFM Grant Mtg (2), FDA-PFP, NEHA Market Commission, West Edge Branding, Farber Graphics, EIMG meeting, State Lead Advisory, BOH, BOPU Grease Trap, Baseball Park Meeting, NEHA P&B, LCCP Housing and Healthspace Meeting.
  • Jennifer Escobedo attended: Staff (2), West Edge, Branding Meeting, City Meeting (2), Healthspace, WMMA, Budget and EIMG Meeting.
  • Tiffany Gaertner attended: GIS, City, WMMA, EIMG and Budget Meeting.
  • Josie Prince attended: Staff Meeting (2)
  • Kimberly Burgess attended: Staff (2) and Superday Meeting.
  • Ashton Brodahl attended: Staff Meeting (2).
  • James Jones attended: Staff Meeting (2).


  • Roy Kroeger, Kimmie Burgess, Josie Prince, Ashton Brodahl, James Jones and Noah Cheshire attended the respiratory training.
  • Jennifer Escobedo & Tiffany Gaertner attended the WMMA mosquito conference.
  • Jennifer Escobedo, Tiffany Gaertner and Josie Prince attended the airborne disease, blood borne pathogens & handwashing online training.
  • Josie Prince & Ashton Brodahl attended ReFED’s policy webinar.
  • Ashton Brodahl completed M1c16, FD8009W, FD8005W, FD8004W, FD8008W, FD8007W, FD8006W and CC8033W online courses.
  • James Jones completed FDAFC02, FDAFC03 and FDAC07 online courses.
  • Noah Cheshier completed FEMA IS 100C. FEMA IS 200C and FEMA IS 700B online courses.

Approximately twenty-five (25) water samples were drawn for February. Twenty-five (25) were satisfactory. Zero (0) were unsatisfactory.


No human cases of WNV reported to date.


Staff inspected zero (0) fireworks stands for the month of February.


Public Health Complaints

12 Complaints Filed
0 Complaints Abated
02 Active & Pending
10 Inspected with No Further Action Taken
0 Referred to Other Agencies

Respectfully Submitted,

Roy Kroeger, Director
Division of Environmental Health
Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department