Temporary Food Stands require food permits

Summer is here, and outdoor food activities are around the corner. If you are planning to operate an
outdoor temporary food stand, there are things you must do and guidelines to follow for a safe and profitable outcome.

Food permits are required for temporary food stands which must be in conjunction with a recognized social event such as Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Greek Festival, Juneteenth, or an official function or event such as Super Day, Burns Day, Memorial Day or the Laramie County Fair.

Temporary food permits are required if you sell or give food away to the Public. Not for profit vendors or providers may be exempt under the Traditional Food Act, but you must call to verify the exemption.

Temporary permit applications and questionnaires for Cheyenne, Albin, Burns, Pine Bluffs or other Laramie County events may be obtained from the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department, 100 Central Avenue, Cheyenne Wyoming. A $25.00 fee is required for the temporary permit, which is valid for fourteen (14) days in conjunction with the event. Food operators should not wait until the last moment to obtain a permit.

Allowing enough time to process the paperwork will ensure your food stand is up and running for the event. Call 633-4090 for more information.