Charcuterie Board Q&A

Recently, we have received many questions about charcuterie: Specifically, “Can I make charcuterie boards at home and sell them?

Please review the Q&A below. If you have additional questions about what you may and may not do in your home kitchen, please call Environmental Health at (307) 633-4090.

Can charcuterie boards be made from my home without a license?
Only boards made without meat can be prepared in a home kitchen.

Can you make food out of your home kitchen legally under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act?
NOT ALL food products can be made in the home kitchen to sell to consumers.

Can I make products with red meat from my home?
Red meat or products made with red meat CAN NOT be produced in a home kitchen.

What is red meat?
Beef, bison, lamb, pork, goat, or products made with these meats, such as sausages or prosciutto.

Can I make products with wild game from my home?
No, wild game animals, birds, or fish products may NOT be made at your home.

Can I produce products made with chicken from my home?
Only if you raise your own chickens.

What can I make from my home kitchen under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act?
You can read the Wyoming Food Freedom Act by clicking here.

To access the complete Wyoming Food Freedom Act, click here.